Campus Hong Kong


Hong Kong student housing does not come cheap. If you are looking for a high quality, affordable student flatshare in Hong Kong, then Campus Hong Kong is the perfect choice.

Students on a budget

Being a student on a budget makes it difficult to find good housing, but Campus Hong Kong makes it affordable and convenient. Vibrant and energetic, Hong Kong student housing has never been as good as it is now.

Not only will you be happy with the cost and the facilities, but your parents will be satisfied knowing you are safe at Campus HK.

Campus Hong Kong

Flatshare rooms

You can choose from two types of rooms. The BED option provides you with the perfect student flatshare Hong Kong experience. The modern room comes complete with bed, storage facilities and workspace. The BED rooms give you great value for your money in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

The other student flatshare Hong Kong experience you can choose at Campus Hong Kong is the ROOM. You will have more space here, including a kitchenette to share with a roommate.

Meet new people

Campus Hong Kong is not only perfect for you when it comes to Hong Kong student housing, but it is a great way to meet new people.

Having a roommate in Hong Kong is a great way to learn about new cultures and learn more about the world. It is an experience you will never forget.A roommate Hong Kong experience offers you the chance to interact with incredible and unique people.

Your student flatshare Hong Kong experience at Campus HK gives you the opportunity to live with up to three other roommates.

Studying at university will be one of your most treasured memories. It is the chance to gain new perspectives on life and grow as a person. Sharing a flat with three roommates Hong Kong style is the best way to start making new memories as you grow.

Parents can stay and visit

Staying at Campus Hong Kong is perfect for parents as well as students. While the student housing is affordable, convenient and modern, the building also provides hotel style accommodation.

While you have your Hong Kong student housing, your parents can visit and stay in the hotel style rooms provided. It is a perfect way for mum and dad to visit, and check in on your studies.

Hopefully, you will be keeping up with them and not socialising too much thanks to the unique experience you have with your roommates in Hong Kong.


Campus HK is not just affordable for students and parents, but it is convenient too. Centrally located in Tseun Wan, Campus Hong Kong is perfectly connected to the city’s public transport network.

Students can access Hong Kong by using the city’s MTR or bus system. Not only does Campus Hong Kong provide affordable housing, but also the location allows for affordable travel throughout the city.

Affordable and modern, Campus HK is complete living in one place.

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