How to Find Lost Phone?


Finding a lost phone can be a problem. The phone has all the secrets of the world one hide from the society. The phone can have important data that needs to deliver to someone. So finding a lost phone must be very frustrating. Due to nature of information stored on the phone. Different ways have been created to find a lost phone they are very authentic. Many of the phones have been found with the use of minimum technological effort. The phone can be of any category a phone can be an iPhone, android phone or windows phone. There is eighty-eight percent probability that phone can be searched easily no matter the location. Few apps help in searching the phone. These apps work on the basic technologies of ping and search which will be discussed later in the article.

How to Find Lost Phone

How simple searching can help in finding a lost phone?

Simple searching may look un-efficient and time wasting but if they can achieve the task of searching the phone what else one want. Simple searching means re-tracking the area one covered with the phone.

  • Try to call the phone. A lost phone can sometimes be in surrounding where the eye can’t reach. Try to ask someone to call the lost phone number. As soon the call will connect phone will ring the tone to identify the owner of the phone where the phone is at.
  • Try to leave the message on the cell phone about the lost phone and how can the person contact the owner. Once the info is provided leave a reward message that will motivate the person on the other end to come and receive the reward.
  • Try to retract about the different areas visited today. Identify those place in which owner had a phone and didn’t have a phone. Start finding the phone from where the owner couldn’t reach his phone. Try to visit every place owner could have visited.

Try to remember the unique spot where the phone could have been dropped.

How Different apps can help in finding the phone?

Different apps can help in finding the phone. If any owner who thinks he is a careless person about his gadgets should install find my phone app on his cellphone. This app gives a clumsy person self-confidence to fully enjoy the society without worrying about the phone. Apps get downloaded through google store or apple store. App main functionality comes into action through the account connected to these stores. These accounts are the mobile security. All of these accounts have the functionality of the controlling the accounts. These accounts can wipe out all of the cellphone data. These accounts can perform alerting ring and messages on the call. While these accounts make a cell phone a remote phone which responds itself to account direction. The location of the phone can be pinpointed through the ping system. These accounts use google tracking system on google maps. Through phone navigation property that makes a marker on the google map.

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