Smoking Kills: ways to quit smoking effectively


 Every smoker claims the benefits of smoking. There are many issues which can be perceived from smoking. Smoking is found to be the barrier to acceptance in many ways. It makes the performance minimal. Most of the smokers claim effectively for stress relief or weight loss which is not true. There are many healthier ways which promote these advantages. Researchers and scientists have apparently argued that smoking kill. There are many health problems associated with smoking. So find out the efficient ways to quit smoking effectively.

Smoking Kills ways to quit smoking effectively

Smoking kills: quit plan

If you have made up your mind to stop smoking,then the process would bedifficult for you in the initial stage but following the efficient steps you will be able to handle it efficiently.

Make a plan

Having an effectiveplan will make your journey efficient. It will help you to stay confident, focused and motivated. You can browse the internet to make your quit plan. It will surely work for you. It is best to stay honest about your needs. If you cannot leave it completely, then make a plan which allows you to lessen the needs. Nicotine replacement therapy proves to be very effective. If you are adding it to your plan use it first in the morning.

Keep yourself busy

If you keep yourself busy, you will surely have a smoke free day. It will distract you from different cravings. It is best to try out the activities such as

  • Chew gum or use any hard candy
  • Relax by taking deep breaths
  • Plan for a movie
  • Spend more time with friends, loved ones or family in anon-smoking place
  • Drink water
  • Keep your hands busy with pen most of the time.
  • Try out some relaxation techniques or workout movements

Avoid triggers

Smoking may get atrigger from anything or any place. There are most of the situations which will urge you to smoke more. It is best to avoid all the triggers which will help you spend a smoke-free day.

  • It is best to throw away your lighters, ashtrays or cigarettes
  • Avoid caffeine from your life and drink lots of water
  • Avoid spending time with smokers
  • It is best to eat and have rest.
  • Change your lifestyle into a healthy routine

Stay positive

Quitting smoking is tough. You have to learn to control yourself. Just remember to plan to quit for a day instead of forever. Pay attention to the present situation more. This will motivate you and will help you to stay positive. It is true that quitting days will not come out to be perfect tostart but make sure to spend your day without smoking. Just reward yourself, if you have notsmoked for at least 24 hours. Prepare yourself for more days to quit smoking.


It is evident that smoking kills,but if you are unable to work on your willpower, you can seek the help from friends to get themotivation to quit smoking. Friends and family provide an ultimate support during the rough times to quit.

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