User-friendly interface of flipbook


In comparison to the traditional and old PDF files, flipbooks are introducing a new trend among the users. Moreover, the usage of text links in flipbooks makes it much more liked by the businesses for online publicity of their products. The benefits for users by using this system are enormous. The lure of more users, getting more viewers on the web and increased profits are the attractions for multiple businesses and all these things are achieved by the interactive and friendly interface provided by flipbook. Some of those attractions are as follows.

User-friendly interface of Link text flipbook

Innumerable features

Along with the visible features there also many hidden features those are useful and also help a lot in the usage. Many of these features are free to use. The monochrome nature of normal PDF is not attractive while the flipbooks offer multiple colours. The sound effects, thepresence of helpful links and the turning effect of pages keep the readers on your site for the longer period. The links lead the users to many other useful sites. Use this opportunity as a great marketing technique to enhance your number of viewers.

Simple to navigate

The moving around in the document is a lot easier in a flipbook as compared to in simple PDF files. The user has to scroll a lot in simple PDF files to reach the required page while the flipbook gives more books like feeling because you can turn the page by a single swipe of your finger. Either you a watching a magazine or a book, navigation among the pages is easier than usual. The readers are more attracted to the flipbooks because of this ease of use.


The flipbooks can be shared easily on the social media and even Facebook. In this era of technology, once a thing is shared on Facebook or social media, it is known by the whole world. Millions of users can assess this single page by clicking a single button. It is the even more professional approach to the marketing business. Word of mouth travels at a much higher level than the original offerings. The availability of a channel that shares your company a data and user reviews is necessary to make the users knowledgeable about your offerings. Moreover, the flipbook will take the users to many other related links.

Accessibility by all devices

Flipbook is more accessible by the users because it can be opened on any device. If the reader has an android cell phone, he can easily open the file anywhere and anytime. In themodernage, almost everyone does all the tasks on the mobile phone because it is handier and easy to use. The optimum browsing can be achieved by making the availability of your files in flipbook format. Other than this, flipbook can be used on tablets, laptops and any other device the user is comfortable with.

All these user-friendly benefits of using flipbooks make it more attractive for both the users and companies.

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